Bones & Harley

The custom urn is an original created for a client. The design is based on the client's specific memories and preferences.


They were best friends from the second they met. Inseparable and undeniably adorable. They took care of each other and lived 9 lives side by side until one day when Harley went to Kitty Heaven. Their bond so strong, it wasn’t too long before Bones followed – dying of a broken heart – a true and miraculous story of love and friendship.

Estimated Price Range for a custom urn with similar complexity


(Design Fee $250 + Urn $1000)
Free shipping

Available Sizes:

4" (holds up to 45 lbs)
5" (holds up to 90 lbs)

How Custom Ordering Works



Pay a $250 Design Fee to Start

The custom urn process begins with the creation of the design. The $250 fee includes a design consultation and a custom urn design. The design fee applies towards the final price of the custom urn.


Get Your Design Consultation

To create that perfect design, we will call you to talk about your cherished memories, photos, preferences and budget range for the custom urn.


Approve Custom Design & Pricing

Receive a proposal within 2-4 weeks with your custom design & pricing options aligned with your requested budget range.

Please note that if purchasing an urn, all pricing options will reflect a credit for the $250 design fee already paid by you.


Custom Urn Delivered

Receive custom urn in 6-12 weeks from final approval. Free standard shipping included.


Custom urns start at $699 and can range in price widely based on client customization requests.

Pricing is determined by:

  1. Shape & Size of urn
  2. No. of sides on the urn being customized
  3. Detail, Complexity & Materials
  4. Turnaround time (Standard or Expedited)

The custom urn ordering process begins with the client paying a non-refundable $250 design fee for the creation of a custom design. The design fee includes the design and a design consultation. The client is subsequently provided a proposal within 2-4 weeks with the custom design & pricing options aligned with your requested budget range. Please note that all pricing options reflect a credit for the $250 design fee already paid by you.

Production & Shipping

We only create a limited number of custom urns every year because we stay booked year-round with advance bookings. Therefore, we encourage our clients to book their design slot by paying their design fee as early as possible.
Here are our typical turnaround times:

Initial Design

2-4 weeks from receipt of requested photos of your pet

Custom Urn Completion

12 weeks from design approval by client.

Expedite Option

6-8 weeks from design approval by client. Surcharge applies.


  • Free Standard Shipping is included
  • We ship USPS or UPS.
  • Shipping times can range from 2-7 business days.
  • Expedited & International Shipping is an additional cost.
  • Fine Print

      Return Policy:

      Due to the custom and made-to-order nature of our products, no cancellations, refunds or returns are accepted. We allow exchanges only if the item is defective:

      • A defective piece includes but is not limited to hairline fractures, the top lid of urn doesn’t fit the bottom or pet name or other requested written copy has been misspelled.
      • Please keep in mind, all Alyson Whitney urns are hand- crafted therefore, minor color variations or a slight “wobbliness” in it’s standing are hallmarks of a fine hand-crafted piece and do NOT qualify as a defective product. Improper use of the sealing glue does not qualify as a defective product either.
      • All approved exchanges must be unused and in the original packaging. No return or exchange on products that shows signs of having been used, scratched, or defaced will be allowed.
      • We reserve the right to refuse your exchange based on our return policy.

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    Alyson, I got the urn in perfect condition….I LOVE it, it is perfect, beautiful and touching. I’m happy to have it to house his remains as well as to look at, as each side of each urn is so glorious and brings back wonderful memories. Tucker’s passing still remains hard, but I believe it always will be as I didn’t have the ability to grow old with him and say my gradual goodbyes. But having this fantastic, personalized reminders of him is just more perfect than I can properly express. You helped make it easier and more dignified.


    I am Alyson Whitney


    I am a wife, mother, animal lover, world traveler and a passionate American artist who fell in love with design, while studying art at SACI, in Florence, Italy.
    I am Alyson Whitney.

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